Welcome to Hunmanby in Bloom

BRITAIN IN BLOOM started back in 1963 and has grown into the largest horticultural campaign in Europe.
Its aim - To improve and regenerate our local environment, both locally and nationally, through the imaginative planting of trees, shrubs, flowers and landscaping, conservation and recycling projects, and to sweep away eyesores that blight our streets such as litter, graffiti and vandalism.

The prime purpose of “In Bloom” was to facilitate Hunmanby being able to compete in the YORKSHIRE IN BLOOM competition. Our first formal meeting was on the 21st September 2004 at the Community Centre and we were so pleased that over 35 people turned up at that meeting, the majority of whom put their names forward as willing to become HIB Volunteers.

There is of course a “judging criteria” laid down for entry which encompasses public areas, such as the main shopping area; floral display and maintenance of gardens and recreation areas, maintenance of grassed and landscaped areas in housing estates, verges and highway features, schools, churches and other establishments; as well as private endeavour including floral display and maintenance of residential gardens; efforts by voluntary organisations, youth groups, etc.; business premises - public houses; shops and garages; and lastly environmental quality - recycling and litter policy.

Unfortunately one drawback to our entry is that the category into which Hunmanby will fall is determined by the size of its population (in our case just over 3,250), and because of this, we have been entered into the “Urban Community/Small Country Town/Small Town/Town” category.

However this may work to our advantage, we have a smaller, more compact area in which to work and can therefore make a big impact with what we have! Once we had established a viable group we laid down and agreed a constitution and elected four officers:

Chairperson Mrs Eileen Piper
Vice-Chairperson Mrs Joyce Coggins
Secretary Mr David Blackburn
Treasurer Mrs Margaret Bown

We meet every month, alternating between the Community Centre, the Buck Inn or the White Swan.

Our forthcoming meetings are as follows:

14th April 2005 - White Swan @ 7.30 p.m.
11th May 2005 - Community Centre @ 7.30 p.m.
8th June 2005 - Buck Inn, Bridlington Street @ 7.30 p.m.
13th July 2005 - Community Centre @ 7.30 p.m.
4th September 2005 - Community Centre @ 7.30 p.m.
12th October 2005 - White Swan, Church Hill @ 7.30 p.m.
9th November 2005 - Community Centre @ 7.30 p.m.


We hope over the past few months (recent weather permitting) you have begun to notice the gradual improvement of Hunmanby’s general floral displays, the commencement of specially planned features and maintenance of grass verges, footpaths and highways.


Three large concrete planters on the Malton Road at the junctions of Hall Park and Muston Road.

Replenished tubs at the top of Stonegate and near the Post Office in Bridlington street - which thanks to Filey Lions are soon to be replaced with 7 new ones.

The two new flowering column cherry trees either side of the war memorial as well as the shrubs, bulbs and more recently turf laid there. The brick paving was also painstakingly hand weeded by a number of volunteers and then steam cleaned.

There are three new wooden tubs just below the memorial. It is also intended to steam clean the paving slabs here.

We must say a special “thank you” to one of our volunteers, Ken Bruce, who has now taken particular responsibility for maintaining Cross Hill gardens.

Ken is also aiming to complete refurbishment of the old cross and its surrounding gardens, which will include the replacement of two rose trees unfortunately vandalised over recent years.

Daffodils were planted at the four main entrances to Hunmanby along the grass verges and around the road signs. More were planted along the grass verges along the Filey Road near Orchard Farm; some on the grass verges at the mouth of the road leading to the industrial estate; the top of Sheepdyke Lane, around the pound; and in many other areas. 3,000 crocuses (as well as some daffodils) were planted on the grass banks at the top of Stonegate and along the Malton Road.

We also held a successful “Litter Pick” Day in the village where 20 volunteers turned out on a very wet and miserable day, but cheerfully collected at least 16 bags of rubbish. We intend to have at least four “litter pick” days a year – unless of course this doesn’t prove necessary!

Throughout we have had the help, advice and support of Scarborough Council Parks & Countryside Services and of course our own Parish Council. As we have discovered you cannot simply dig a flower bed, or cut down what might appear to be a neglected, troublesome tree, you have to ensure you have the necessary authorisation from the appropriate body.

The local press, as usual, have been very supportive, publicising most, if not all of our “fund raising” photocalls; stories and events.


Then of course, as in all walks of life, all these well-intentioned projects “cost money”, so you have to try to raise the necessary funds and here our Secretary has been looking into the various options available, writing and contacting the various organisations throughout the region in the hope of obtaining various grants/awards that may be on offer, but there are always dozens of other similar groups competing for the same pot of money.

In the meantime applications for grants have been made to the local authority and North Yorkshire County Council. In one such case we applied for a grant towards the costs of replacing the metal “Hunmanby” sign post at the Filey Road entrance to the village with one in reclaimed York stone (similar to that on the Muston Road), but unfortunately our application was not successful there being insufficient funds to agree to all the similar applications received. We will review our plans and try again to obtain funds towards this particular project at a later date.

The Chairperson and Vice-chairperson attended a meeting recently as to an application in respect of a contribution towards the cost of fluorescent jackets and litter pickers - a necessary Health & Safety requirement, unfortunately this was cancelled and an alternative date was arranged.

Another meeting as to an application for a grant towards the cost of the hanging baskets is due to take place next month.

At the onset we were fortunate to be given donations by three local Companies on the Industrial Estate - which was a great help in getting us started. Since then we have written to every business in Hunmanby asking for help, as well as making personal approaches to many of the shops and businesses in Bridlington Street (and we know that they receive many requests for help from various organisations within the village). So far the response has been sporadic, but hopefully once our projects begin to “bloom” everyone will appreciate what IN BLOOM are trying to achieve and will want to participate in some way or another, however small, to the benefit of Hunmanby as a whole.


Table Top Bazaar - 6th November 2004 - this was our first event.
Race Night at the White Swan - 21st January 2005.
Line Dancing at the Railway Tavern - 25th February 2005.
Coffee Morning - 1 Rowedale Close - 19th March 2005 10 - 12
Coffee Morning - 32 Bridlington Street - 13th May 2005
Hanging Baskets/Flower Arranging - Community Centre 24th May 2005
Craft Fayre and Plant sale - Community Centre 31st May 2005.
Unknown Gardens of Hunmanby - Sat.25th/Sun.26th June.

The time and exact venues of the latter three events will be confirmed nearer the dates.

Hopefully at the end of it all Hunmanby residents will have a much improved environment which will engender enthusiasm and civic pride in everyone young and old, encourage more visitors to Hunmanby, which in turn will bring business to the local shops, hotel and guest houses, etc., provide more local employment, helping the economy and the well-being of Hunmanby in general.


We have ordered 20 hanging baskets for the shops in Bridlington Street and hope they will all agree to participate in the proposed scheme in this respect.

There are still various road and parking signs that need cleaning.

We are looking into areas in and around the village that need urgent attention - shrubs, trees and/or grass that covers the footpaths, banks, etc. and present a hazard. Permission was been given to prune the trees and shrubs at the rear of the electricity sub station on Cross Hill and this was carried out last Saturday, 12th March, by 4 volunteers. We have also contacted Yorkshire Electricity asking permission to paint their fence and erect trellis just to the front of this suitable for clematis.

Brian Waining one of our volunteers presented a plan for the area behind the notice board permission to undertake the work was granted and Brian and a number of other volunteers went ahead and completed the work necessary and the planting was completed during week - commencing 9th March.

We have purchased some concrete troughs to place inside the railings of the old cross and Ken Bruce will plant these up with flowers to give a year-round display, as well as the improvements being made to the existing flower beds around the outside, including planting the two new rose trees.

It is also planned to improve the central gardens for the residents of Hungate Court and in this respect we have been in contact with Yorkshire Coast Homes, who have expressed agreement in principle and our proposed plan has been submitted to them.

Our Chairperson and another volunteer, Sue Wragg, visited Hunmanby Primary School and a number of suggestions to engage the interests and enthusiasm of the children were put forward including a “poster competition” based around “litter”, a school wildlife garden competition and a sunflower competition. Look out for the winning poster(s) on the Hunmanby Parish Council notice board.

All Saints Church has entered into the spirit of the competition and are working hard on the borders to the front entrance of the church. Whilst within the grounds at the rear of the churchyard it is intended to encourage and sustain a wildlife garden amongst the snowdrops, cowslips and primroses.

We also would like to express how important the railway station is to our village and that it is essential this line remains open and could show this by including the station in our “In Bloom” plans for the village. To this end we are in contact with the appropriate rail authorities to discuss our plans and obtain the necessary authorisation.

Another proposed event will be Hunmanby’s Unknown Garden Trail - if you have an interesting and/or pretty garden, a yard with pots or an interesting diverse vegetable patch and would like to be part of the “trail” to find out more about this event look out for the posters and leaflets that should soon be appearing in the shops, library and Spring café.

The SPRING judging will take place on WEDNESDAY 6TH APRIL 2005.

A splendid “Information Pack“ has been prepared for the Judges and a route planned. Everyone involved with the In Bloom Group as well as other interested parties (shops and other businesses) are working hard to ensure Hunmanby will be looking its best.

A pictorial display is also being organised which will include a brief history of Hunmanby, past, present and future projects, etc.

That’s all for now, I hope this article goes some way to let you know what is happening in Hunmanby and you will share our enthusiasm for the “In Bloom“ project - which incidentally will also be a great help when we come to finalise the PARISH PLAN